Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Editor Sound Designer


I am An award Winning Pakistan Born Movie Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor Based in Hong Kong.

Besides working as Director, i mostly like to get myself engaged with my projects as well as Editor and Sound designer too.

Living in Hong Kong for over 17 years, I earned a huge amount of respect by working on various projects on Govt. Private, Commercial scales in Local and International Market.

My motive and passion to work in Movie Industry is to inspire my Audience by producing meaningful and Entertaining programs where i feel joy by contributing my portion to the society through my skills and Industry.

I am currently doing regular experiments by producing Short Films and Hong Kong Radio Projects. Soon will be Directing Commercial feature film in Pakistan and Hong Kong with amazing Writer Iftikhar Iffi Usmani Who's Nagin and Karam Jali is being aired from Pakistan Television Chanels these days. 我是一位獲獎的巴基斯坦出生的電影導演,製片人,電影攝影師,編輯總部設在香港。 除了擔任總監之外,我最喜歡讓自己也參與我的項目以及編輯和聲音設計師。 在香港居住超過17年,我在政府的各種項目上獲得了巨大的尊重。 本地和國際市場上的私人,商業規模。 我在電影行業工作的動機和熱情是通過製作有意義和有趣的節目激勵我的觀眾,通過我的技能和行業為社會貢獻自己的一份力量,讓我感到高興。 我目前正在製作短片和香港電台項目的定期實驗。 很快將與巴基斯坦和香港的導演商業故事電影有著驚人的作家伊夫蒂哈伊夫曼烏斯曼今天正在從巴基斯坦電視台的香奈兒播出納欽和卡拉姆賈利。

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Some Recent Achievements

LAFF Holly Wood USA

Best Feature/Director of the year 2015 Award to my Asylum Movie.

Channel News 7 Morning Show

Guest With Writer Iftikhar Iffi Pakistan. 2017

Producing Programme for RHTK

With Award Winning Hong Kong Police Guests. 2018

Hong Kong MTR RTHK Promotions

Photoshoot for MTR Promotions Radio Television Hong Kong . 2018